Custom Home Builder in Shevlin West

If you’re looking for a seasoned custom home builder who will meet all of your design needs with honesty and flexibility, Black Label Design Group has exactly what you need to make your custom home dreams come true. With experience building in multiple Bend, Oregon developments and a commitment to creating innovative, personalized homes for every client, Black Label Design Group is your go-to for custom home builds in Shevlin West. 

Why Choose a Custom Home Builder

Choosing to create a custom home can be a big decision. With a custom home builder like Black Label Design Group, though, the choice is easier than ever. 

Everyone’s design preferences and home needs are different. A custom home builder can ensure that all of your unique needs are met, and that your home perfectly reflects yourself. Unlike standard cookie-cutter houses, with a custom home builder, you can customize the home features that you want so you’ll never feel like your home is lacking that something special. 

Why Choose Black Label Design Group for Your Custom Home 

At Black Label Design Group, we have everything you need to create the home of your dreams, located conveniently in Shevlin West. With years of experience, we’ve curated the perfect network of subcontractors, vendors, tradesmen, and suppliers who are dedicated to making your custom home dreams a reality. 


At Black Label Design Group, we are committed to being upfront and honest with every client, from start to finish. We understand that creating a custom home takes a group effort, and we prioritize honesty to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings along the way. The clearer we can communicate from the start, the easier we can bring your dream home to life. 


Black Label Design Group knows how quickly design ideas can change. It’s totally normal for clients to change their minds on features, decide to scrap an idea, or choose to add a new one. We’re committed to working with you through every design change, ensuring that your final goal is met and you love the final product of your Shevlin West home. 


At Black Label Design Group, we have years of experience crafting custom homes in Bend, Oregon, and Shevlin West is no exception. We’ve dedicated our lives and careers to crafting beautiful homes across Bend and perfected our process. 


As a small, locally owned business, Black Label Design Group’s team will ensure you work with just one Project Manager for the duration of your custom home project. This way, we can ensure any problems are addressed in a timely manner and your Shevlin West project doesn’t experience any unnecessary delays. 


At Black Label Design Group, we are dedicated to creating genuinely unique, beautiful, and trend-setting custom homes. We pride ourselves on putting effort, energy, and creativity into every project we take on. We not only want your Shevlin West home to fit seamlessly into the scenic beauty of Bend, Oregon, but we also want it to inspire both you, and your neighbors. 

Personalized Homes for Shevlin West 

Shevlin West is one of the newest and trendiest housing developments in Bend, Oregon. If you’re looking for a prime location to build your dream home, look no further than Shevlin West. 


Located conveniently in NW Bend, Oregon, Shevlin West is the perfect location for anyone hoping to enjoy the natural beauty of Central Oregon and right in the heart of Northwest Crossings, and while staying just four miles from downtown Bend. 


Black Label Design Group is dedicated to creating innovative, trend-setting homes with a touch of creativity. As one of the newest developments in Bend, Oregon, Shevlin West is the perfect place to carry out your creative custom home dreams with Black Label Design Group. 

Streamlined Custom Home Process

At Black Label Design Group, we split our process into two steps: design and construction. Our clear, but flexible, steps ensure that your Shevlin West project will run smoothly while allowing us to navigate through any potential setbacks along the way. 

Design Phase 

Every custom home project starts with an idea. During the design phase, we’ll help you visualize your dream home plans and create an achievable budget. We’ll make sure to comply with all of Shevlin West’s regulations so your home is not only beautiful, but also compliant. 

Construction Phase

After a contract is signed, we’ll get to work on your Shevlin West home immediately. During the construction phase, you’ll be corresponding with just one Project Manager the whole time to ensure there’s no miscommunications. Throughout the phase, you’ll get regular quality control updates and check-ins to ensure your design needs are being met. 

Get Started on a Shevlin West Home Today!

If you’re interested in creating a custom home in Shevlin West or want to learn more about the services that Black Label Design Group offers, reach out to Black Label Design Group today! 

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