Black Label Design Group splits every custom home construction project into two main parts. They are the Design Phase and the Construction Phase.

During the Design Phase, BLDG will help to guide the development of the house plans and create an actionable budget.

Once the Design Phase has concluded and the client is happy with the budget, BLDG moves to the Construction Phase where a contract is signed and we can start digging!

Throughout the project, you will notice one very important thing will not change – the person you are working with. We do NOT pass clients from one department to the other. We do NOT have a revolving door of Project Managers. From the beginning, you will work with one person dedicated to your project.

Why is this important? The more people and variables that are introduced, the more opportunity for mistakes to occur. One person will consult with you, and that same person will execute your wishes to completion.

During construction, there are many milestones worth celebrating. We also use these opportunities as Quality Control events to make sure the work is being done correctly and is meeting all of your design criteria.

We talk a lot about trust at BLDG. It is simply the best way to keep a project on track and moving forward. We achieve a trusting relationship with our clients not only through the structure of our contract, but also through our communication and open book policy. Everything we do is designed to offer transparency to our clients.