build a custom home in 2022

5 Reasons To Build a Custom Home in 2022

Build a Custom Home in 2022?

You have dreamed of home ownership, envisioning every detail that you desire in your new home. You are ready to realize those dreams and are faced with asking yourself if you are going to buy an existing home or build a custom home.  There are many factors to consider when building a custom home and we have compiled a list of reasons why you may want to build a custom home in 2022.

No Competition

In the current real estate market, you may spend weeks or even months finding the exact home you want, only to find that there are other interested parties, and you lose the home you have searched for due to a better offer for the homeowner. However, by building your own custom home you are free to dream and know that the home you are investing your heart into, truly will be yours. No need to pick up and start looking for the ‘right one’ again, when your dream home find falls through.

You Choose

One of the greatest aspects of building a custom home is that you get to put your own stamp on your home based on your needs and taste. Renovating an already existing home to fit your lifestyle can be expensive in this current market. On top the increase in home price, interest rates are rising, if you are thinking you will make those changes later it can be very costly.

Often when we buy an already built home, there are things we just don’t like and must settle with because we care for other aspects of the home. We think that we will renovate or make the changes later, but often later never happens and you are living with something in an existing home that you just don’t care for and doesn’t fit your lifestyle. At some point you continue to live with it frustrations and all, you renovate and deal with the mess and cost, or you are faced with needing to uproot and move because it isn’t cost effective to make things just the way you want them.

In contrast, when building a custom home, you are the one to decide on a layout that can grow with your needs based on your goals for years to come.With a custom-built home, the design and all the personal touches are fixed into your loan, rather than needing to come up with additional cash or credit lines to update later down the road.

Brand New/ Efficiency

2022 brings the latest technology and most efficiency in home. Often the appliances, appurtenances, heating, and cooling, and fixtures in older homes need upgrading to obtain the best cost and most home efficiency. When building your custom home, you can start with the most efficient options on the market today, and advanced technologies that fit within your budget. Also, a valuable benefit with the new home build, you will have manufacture warranties in place that can also bring a piece of mind.
When buying an existing built home, that has aged, you don’t know what surprises you may be walking into.

While there are home warranties to purchase for an existing home, those warranties don’t always cover every issue that may rise. It can also be difficult to obtain a contractor that will fit within the guidelines of the home warranty, you have deductibles to meet, and the product/building supplies available to replace damage or broken items within the home may be limited with the supply chain issues in our current economy.

Go Green

When building a custom home in 2022, you can keep our environment and your health in mind by building to meet higher standards than existing home builds may have reached for when they were constructed. Going green with your home build means using sustainable materials, improving your energy and water efficiency, and taking extra measures to improve your indoor air quality. Green buildings can not only reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment, and your health by using less water, energy, sustainable, or natural resources, they can often have a positive impact in our environment by generating their own energy or increasing biodiversity.

The Experience

Custom home building can be an amazing experience. The joy of choosing all your own design elements, the layout, fixtures, color palette, finishing touches, and energy efficient options, are compared to nothing else. There is such pride in watching your home come into completion from the very beginning, from your vision, planning, groundbreaking, framing, design elements and finishing touches all unfolding before your eyes. Knowing that you put your personal touch on your home truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Building your custom home in 2022 is a great investment for your long-term lifestyle goals. You can choose exactly what your top priorities are for your home ownership that best fits your vision and needs. Along with the dream, you will have the great pride in ownership that you experienced the process from the beginning to completion, and it is everything you hoped for.

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