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Why Hire A Custom Home Builder?

Competitive Advantages

Overhead is low. Big companies have an accounting department, marketing budgets, employee benefit packages, matching 401K’s – the list goes on. We have spent most of our time at the job site, on a laptop or phone, or visiting vendors. That savings gets passed to you and keeps our pricing very competitive.



Our years of experience have led to the right network of subcontractors, vendors, skilled tradesmen and suppliers. BLDG knows what to look for. Better yet, our team is vetted and has proven their ability to perform. Our network extends beyond Oregon to provide the best results at the best prices.



BLDG provides detailed budgets developed from actual estimates and quotes. We don’t hide numbers for play games. Everything is out in the open. Our clients play a key role in the budget process and this translates to projects that consistently finish at or below budget.



On most jobs, it’s natural for clients to change their minds, add or delete items, and have new ideas. BLDG is flexible and quick to respond to these changes. They provide descriptions of the work and how it affects the building process. They want to keep things simple and easily understood, yet comprehensive.



BLDG doesn’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. The more information a client can provide, the more accurate his numbers become. You can expect an honest assessment of the cost of the home you would like to build line by line.



BLDG will see the project through to completion. Clients work with the same person from start to finish so that no detail or directive goes unfulfilled. Where bigger organizations have trouble pivoting and responding to changes within a rigid corporate structure, BLDG can quickly respond to circumstances in a timely manner.



BLDG has built homes of many different sizes, budgets, and styles. From contemporary to rustic, from stucco to metal, we have experience in the areas that matter most. Take confidence from our knowledge and body of work to enjoy the development of your next home.


Are you looking for a standard house with no personality? Are you unwilling to invest some passion, energy and ideas to the project? – then BLDG is the wrong company for you. We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients to build exciting homes with creative touches that are unexpected. We want clients and visitors to walk away with eyes big and smiles wide. Every project needs to showcase thoughtful design and beautiful execution. Every house needs to project pride of ownership. It is about more than business, building homes should be a fun experience for client and builder alike.

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From beginning to end, your experience with our custom home building style and professionalism will help you keep your hard earned money in your pocket while enjoying your custom dream home.
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